With a long-term focus on providing quality welding services, L.E.F., INC. has made an ongoing commitment to employ AWS-certified welders. Our highly trained, experienced and skilled welders are able to perform a variety of specialized welding services. Our welders provide MIG,TIG, and Flux Core services, we also offer robotic welding services in-house. We strive to consistently provide superior quality welds that meet various industry standards as well as the expectations of our customers.

By utilizing our lasers, press brakes and design team we are able to manufacture our own weld fixtures onsite. Using a fixture improves the economy of production by allowing smooth operation and quick transition from part to part, reducing the requirement for additional labor costs by simplifying how workpieces are mounted, and increasing conformity across a production run.

Please consider L.E.F., INC. on your next job that requires welding.



Carbon Steel

  • A-36
  • A-572
  • A-656
  • AR 235
  • AR 400
  • Armor Plating

Stainless Steel

  • 308L
  • 309L
  • 316L
  • 317L
  • 310
  • 321


  • 3003
  • 5052
  • 6061
  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Flux Core
  • Robotic