At L.E.F., INC. Powder coating is typically the finalizing process of part production; however, we also offer contract powder coating for parts or products that are customer supplied.

Powder Coating is a finish that is more durable and chip-resistant than traditional paint. We can apply powder coating to a wide range of materials in a variety of applications. L.E.F., INC.’s powder coating process consists of spraying finely ground particles of pigment and resin which are electrostatically charged onto an electrically grounded metallic part. This allows the charged, dry particles to adhere to the part until it is heated. The heat causes the particles to “gel” into a smooth, consistent and uniform finish. The end result is an attractive, durable, and high-quality finish that is available in a full spectrum of colors, clear coats and textures.

  • Electrostatic spray application
  • 350’ automated conveyor line
  • Three stage heated wash: phosphate pretreatment, dual rinse system
  • Window size: Capable of handling parts up to 96”L x 26”W x 50”H
  • RAL cross referencing


Industrial wet painting is the traditional method of protecting and aesthetically enhancing components, structures and fabrications.  Materials that are treated by a wet paint process include steel, aluminum, and castings. Our wet paint services are effective and have consistent high-quality results. L.E.F., INC.’s finishing processes are based on standard RAL specifications or proprietary customer specifications. Part sizes up to 32’L x 10’W x 9’H

  • Zinc Primers
  • Two part epoxy paints
  • Polyurethane paints
  • Enamel paints
  • Multi component finishes
  • RAL cross referencing