At L.E.F., INC. we provide small and large format structural steel rolling, forming and bending for aerospace, architectural, industrial, transportation and commercial uses. Our facilities feature multiple press brakes ranging from 60 tons to 440 tons and lengths up to 20’. With an unlimited range of materials from which to choose, we can expertly handle forming and press braking. We provide exceptionally fast turnaround times when required. Our employees take the job seriously, and we demand perfection each and every time.


  • 1-10 gauge x4’Rolls
  • 1-1/2”x8’ Rolls (4 roll)


  • 1– 440 Ton Press Brake, 20’ Bed, Repeatability + – .0002, CNC crowning, ability to bend cones & transitions, sheet lifter for one man operation on large format bending.
  • 1-175 Ton Press Brake, 12’ Bed
  • 1-100 Ton Press Brake, 10’ Bed
  • 1-60 Ton Press Brake, 6’ Bed
  • 2-250 Ton Press Brake,12’ Bed